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SimpleUsability’s combination of technology and methodology produced fantastic results and helped us to precisely identify where we could improve the usability of our mobile site. This was invaluable and allowed us to modify and improve the mobile site so we could offer the best possible product to our customers. I would recommend SimpleUsability to any business looking to get a unique and objective insight into mobile usability.

– ASDA, Kate Cuthbertson, Head of Mobile Development.


Across all channels such as web, mobile and voice, we will work with you to build a bespoke programme of research suitable to your objectives and constraints. Our evidence-led research approach is flexible and uncovers patterns, habits, and behaviours that influence decision making.

Whether your feature is still an idea, a working prototype, or already gone live, we can conduct everything from initial discovery research to targeted usability testing.

  • Usability research
  • Taxonomy research
  • Personas
  • Ethnography
  • Diary studies
  • Accessibility testing
  • In-store research
  • Print and packaging testing
  • Remote research
  • Surveys

Case Study McDonald’s

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Based on best-practice and industry knowledge, we can inform your UX strategy with evaluations and content audits. If you need ongoing UX solutions, we can immerse our practitioners into your team at any stage of your design and development cycle.

  • Research Consultancy
  • UX Consultancy
  • Voice UX
  • Strategic Consultancy
  • User journey mapping
  • Prototyping / Wireframing
  • Usability Expert Review

Closer look: Voice UX

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As experts in everything UX, we love to pass on our knowledge. If you need to upskill an entire team or just a few individuals, embed user-centred design into your organisation and give your team the skills they need to form the foundations of UX in your business.

We offer workshops for:

  • Discovery
  • Defining UX strategy
  • Embedding UX practices
  • Making the most of user research
  • Extracting value from findings

Case Study Your Brain On Poker

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Evidence beats opinion.

We don’t have one methodology – we adopt many and will work with you to design a programme of research that suits your needs.

One of our renowned services is eye tracking. We use this as a tool to unlock a deeper understanding of your users’ natural behaviour. Do they notice the new call to action? Can they easily find important content? Eye tracking informs your decisions with evidence that speaks for itself.

We believe in leaving your users alone to browse and interact naturally. Live eye tracking provides cues for recall and informs us of where to really dig in to get the most useful insights. This approach ensures that what we discover is natural behaviour and not opinion.

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