Big Brother is watching you: reality show uses SimpleUsability’s state-of-the art eye tracking glasses in task

June 21, 2012 6:13 pm

Big Brother is watching you: reality show uses SimpleUsability’s state-of-the art eye tracking glasses in task

Big Brother used our eye tracking technology in last night’s episode, as it put the attention spans of its newest batch of housemates to the test with the help of SimpleUsability.

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In the episode that aired yesterday evening at 10pm on Channel 5, viewers saw some of the contestants take part in a challenge while wearing our cutting-edge eye tracking glasses. The HD-quality glasses monitored and recorded the eye movements of the housemates in the Eyes on the Prize task, as Big Brother challenged contestants to stare intently at a certain item they would like to win. With treats on offer including a takeaway, a private party and a tub of protein shake, each housemate was challenged to hold their gaze until the end of the task in order to claim the prize. However, diversions, such as a 17-foot-long snake and a burlesque dancer, were used in an attempt to distract contestants and avert their attention away from the prize.

Emma and Guy watch as Luke leaves the lab

Our eye tracking glasses were used to assess exactly if and when the housemates’ eyes moved away from the objects, and provided a glimpse of their point of view during the task. Our MD, Guy Redwood, and one of our usability practitioners, Emma Travis, were on hand to fit and adjust the glasses for use by the contestants.

Guy Redwood said: “We were the first UK company to use eye tracking glasses in a real-world environment, and, while this task was just a bit of fun, it does illustrate how unobtrusive the technology has become and the accuracy for the latest generation of glasses.”

Shievonne relieved when the snake leaves the lab

“The eye tracking glasses pinpointed exactly where contestants were looking when undertaking the challenge: something which the human eye alone could not do, as the tiniest of sideward glances would very likely be missed.”

Famous for pushing the physical and mental capabilities of contestants to the limit, Big Brother is now in its 13th series. A producer at Big Brother said: “This task was a lot of fun and we think that both the housemates and viewers were excited by a very cool piece of technology. We’re delighted that SimpleUsability agreed to help us put the segment together.”

Luke S keeping his eyes on the prize