Which advert has the X Factor?

December 7, 2011 4:41 pm

Which advert has the X Factor?

Forget the singers grasping for stardom, the real battle of the X Factor final this year will be between the adverts. The break before the winner is announced on Sunday’s live final is the most expensive in the UK with slots selling for £8k per second.

X Factor logoWhich mini masterpiece will come out on top? Can John Lewis’ headline-grabbing Christmas tale tug the heartstrings? Will the conclusion of M&S’s X Factor episodes have viewers hooked? Or can Coca-Cola claim the ultimate prize? Well, we intend to find out.

We’ll track eye movement and monitor subliminal, emotional responses, to record how each advert rates in terms of excitement, interest and, emotional engagement amongst X Factor viewers.

We’ll then analyse each advert’s effectiveness and ascertain which had the most powerful, memorable and engaging impact on each demographic. In short: which advert has the real X Factor with viewers. The results will be announced on Tuesday 13th December.

The final advert break will be played to each research participant in isolation. Via an unobtrusive electroencephalograph (EEG) headset, their underlying brain activity will be recorded to reveal what the user is feeling as well as their levels of engagement, excitement and frustration. Similarly, eyetracking technology will record where they look at any given time and the data correlated with their emotional state.

In short, they will watch the final in the same way as they normally would, without any interruption or outside influence, but they will also be unconsciously giving an honest, realistic and quantifiable critique of the adverts.

Visit back on Tuesday once we’ve analysed the data and revealed which ad had the greatest impact, winning the title of ‘Advert of the Year’.