SimpleUsability in Marketing Week

November 11, 2011 2:25 pm

SimpleUsability in Marketing Week

Our research for Jet2 has been included in Marketing Week’s feature on ‘How new tech can deliver more consumer insight’.

The article covers the less conventional forms of market research and Jet2’s Commercial Director, Steve Lee states that EEG and eyetracking technology  are a useful complement to other research sources as they pick up information that might otherwise be missed.Jet2 logo

They can address flaws in traditional surveys, where people are often unwilling to admit to being influenced by marketing messages and are unable to recollect their choices and actions accurately. Lee says these are not necessary less reliable, and that behavioural monitoring techniques are used alongside, not instead of, surveys to build a fuller picture.

“The majority of it is challenging your own ideas of how you should market online. You do not see the wood for the trees all the time. You can have an overall conversion strategy that is successful, but you can always tweak it further and that is where website usability testing comes into play.”