Movies & Videos : Conversion Rate Optimisation

October 5, 2011 3:20 pm

Movies & Videos : Conversion Rate Optimisation

Video is inherently engaging, and has the power to instantly capture visual attention. Even if it’s just a simple demonstration of how your product works, it can give a very real boost to conversions.

Video is passive, it requires little effort from the user to absorb the message embedded within it. It is also much easier to powerfully convey a complex message using video than it is using the mediums of text, images or info-graphics.

Creating video content is often perceived as time and resource intensive (both in creative input and bandwidth hosting), i.e. at the bottom of the to-do list. But more and more affordable solutions are allowing marketers to easily use this medium to benefit their bottom line.

So how can companies make best use of it?

Video can be used to;

  • Grab attention (e.g. for a promotion)
  • Demonstrate a new product
  • Deliver clear instruction
  • Show testimonials from ‘real people’

This helps to demonstrate;

  • Expertise
  • That you are invested and care about your customers experience
  • Your popularity

Don’t overdo it

Littering your homepage with video and replacing standard content with a film is a definite no-no, as is hiding key product information, messaging or guides within one. Consider that the user might not be in an environment where they can comfortably watch videos (e.g. office or noisy cafe and don’t have earphones to hand) but they still need to be able to quickly find the information that stands you apart from the competition. If platform compatibility or server issues mean your video is unwatchable then you’ve lost that sale, so be sure to make the main points scan-able in text alongside video. Finally, always give the user ultimate control to hit pause, you can corner someone in the street, but online they won’t stick around for a conversation they don’t want to have.