Post Conversion : Conversion Rate Optimisation

January 16, 2011 12:13 pm

Post Conversion : Conversion Rate Optimisation

It’s not over until the fat lady sings.

So, you’ve done it, you’ve gotten your visitor right the way through your site, along your carefully crafted conversion funnel and they’ve taken the bait. Congratulations!  You can relax now, can’t you? Well you could but this is a golden opportunity to squeeze even more value out of the transaction by highlighting your other products and services.

People are very often open to suggestion at this point in the conversion stream. Why? Well they’ve made it through a process, they had to follow various commands and tasks set out in front of them to achieve a goal, and they’ve succeeded. There is always something of a subtle sigh of relief when you’ve achieved something, a contented space where you are open to new opportunities.

Users have also just made an action or decision which tethers them to you in some way, whether it’s by buying your product or joining your mailing list. The quirks of human psychology mean that we like to think we make decisions logically. That is “if I just made that decision to buy from or join that company it must mean I’ve evaluated them as ‘good’ or ‘trustworthy’ in some manner, thus worthy of my time”. The discomfort of paying or handing over information seems less if we can justify it to ourselves, which is why we rarely fully admit to ourselves when we have acted on impulse. We also tend to base future decisions on past behaviour and like to be consistent. This means that we infer that because we liked something then, therefore we must still like it just as much now.

This psychology works to your advantage post-checkout because users have convinced themselves you’re ‘good’, as indicated by their recent decision to engage with you and a consistent, logical thing would be to engage with you again. Hence it’s a very good time to demonstrate what else you can do for them.

At this point you could offer discounts, free trials, white papers or editorial that they might be interested in as a ‘Thank You’ or ‘Welcome’ gesture. Invite users to follow you on a social networking site or allow them to recommend you to a friend. However do make sure that any offers or invitations are relevant, based on your product, audience and the reason why that person is at your site. If there is no natural ‘fit’ they’ll be ignored or worse, it’ll cause confusion about what kind of entity they’ve just engaged with.

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