Introducing a new ERA for Market Research

December 6, 2010 3:58 pm

Introducing a new ERA for Market Research

Emotion Response AnalysisThey first watched your eyes and they now read your mind, because observing 70% of the body’s sense receptors through eye tracking just wasn’t enough.

SimpleUsability have just taken delivery of a state of the art EEG Brainwave Monitor to form a new ERA (Emotion Response Analysis) market research service for design testing.

Emotion Response Analysis (ERA) uses the latest in unobtrusive brainwave measurement technology to listen in on the brains natural electrical signals, measuring excitement, frustration and engagement. Given that up to 95% of our brain’s processing occurs in the subconscious these signals are indicators of real feelings and emotions. This will help product designers, web professionals and insight managers to better understand what is really driving decisions and how they can change products to better appeal to their consumers.

Guy Redwood, Director at SimpleUsability, has commented on the importance of what the new headset will do to the market place, EEG takes us to the next level of getting inside people’s heads, understanding what really drives behaviour. So far we have been using the headset with our eye tracking unit to monitor reactions to film trailers, packaging and websites but are looking forward to taking it in-store. This will give our clients even greater insight into why people make the decisions they do and enabling key decisions for store layouts, packaging designs, fixtures etc. This can be done either in a simulated setting or in-store in conjunction with our eye tracking glasses.”

Having the ability to map subconscious emotional responses onto everyday products allows you to see how well your product, service or advertising is hitting consumers where it matters most, in their emotional brain.

Bringing her passion for neuroscience, since joining the team, Lowri Davies has commented on how revolutionary SimpleUsability’s new methods are. “Previously EEG headsets have been full of wires, and quite scary looking, but our cutting edge technology has removed all of this and replaced it with a lightweight, wireless headset, easy to use and once on you just forget about it.”

Being able to use the ERA service on its own or joining it with eye tracking is guaranteed to take neuromarketing to the next level and discover why we do the things that we do.

Example of Emotion Response Analysis with Eye Tracking

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