Mercedes Eye Tracking Consumers

November 17, 2010 11:39 am

Mercedes Eye Tracking Consumers

consumer research eye tracking glassesReal world eye tracking is finally getting the attention it deserves. Recent innovations in wearable eye trackers means research participants no longer have to carry heavy laptops in rucksacks as the walk around in the real world – they just pop on some glasses and just carry an ipod sized data recorder. We were the first agency in the world trusted to use the latest eye tracking glasses for commercial research from Tobii.

Here’s a great video of how Mercedes are using eye tracking glasses in their design process and market research. Unsure about the value of eye tracking? Why not read our article about using eye tracking in market research.

we observe them, what’s looked at first, how long does the glance linger on certain features or in what order do they look at things.

Only partially can they consciously control their eye movements because our eyes process information in a much shorter time than we can consciously compute.  The mind follows comparatively slowly.

In most cases they don’t even know what they looked at the most

In eye tracking research the details that get the most attention of the subjects are called the ‘eye catchers’

A surprising interpretation because when you think of a car who thinks about feelings

The test result shows that the very elements we attach the most importance to are actually those that aroused the most interest in the neutral observer and became real ‘eye catchers’

How much does eye tracking cost?

If you want to know how much this type of research costs – play with the ‘shopper insight’ option in our research calculator.