Sainsbury’s – Our Eye Tracking Review

October 8, 2010 2:15 pm

Sainsbury’s – Our Eye Tracking Review

Our team  conducted an eye tracking review of the new Sainsbury’s website for the September edition of Internet Retailing Magazine. The article can be read here: Sainsbury’s Eye Tracking Article

We invited a few current online Sainsbury’s shoppers to carry out their weekly shop in our eye tracking studio. Shoppers started at one end of the grocery primary navigation shopping first in the Fresh section, moving on to Bakery etc. Although they had logged into their accounts, “none of the participants used the ‘My usuals’ or ‘shopping list’ features as they were concerned about missing offers” – isn’t this interesting? Customers always amaze!

Once into a product category, images were incredibly important to the shoppers. Participants scanned down the list of photos looking for familiar products, scanning across to the name and price afterwards. Most shoppers had an idea in their head of what something should cost, and hence used price as a sense check to confirm they were buying the right size or correct product.

Users commented that they found grocery shopping on Sainsbury’s hard work. The layout of product listing pages forces a very inefficient reading pattern for choosing groceries. Users were forced to zig zag across the page between photo and price. If the layout presented the price closer to the photography users would be able to find their products quicker. If there was a run of same branded product photos, we noticed that users would sometimes skip over them and read the product names, returning to the photos at the next brand change.

Users were familiar with moving through the categories/aisles, some of them inefficiently clicking on the category title in the navigation and then clicking into the section or just relying on the browser back button.

With such a wide range of products, search can be a difficult feature to execute well for online grocery, but Sainsbury’s performed well, placing the relevant products at the top of the results for generic terms like ‘spaghetti’.

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