SimpleUsability First to Use Ground-Breaking Eye-Tracking Glasses Technology

June 22, 2010 7:10 pm

SimpleUsability First to Use Ground-Breaking Eye-Tracking Glasses Technology

SimpleUsability is the first in the world to use revolutionary eye tracking glasses from Tobii.  Today, the 22nd June, the new Tobii glasses were released, but here at SimpleUsability, with support from Tobii through AcuityETS, we were able to use them for commercial research before their launch.

This revolutionary new product is able to support eye tracking, being the first of its kind as it is lightweight, mobile and allows us to monitor truly natural behaviour.  The glasses look like an ordinary, if not slightly larger, pair of glasses allowing participants to carry out daily tasks.  For our latest project we visited a number of supermarkets across the UK, watching how people perform their weekly shop.  Each user would be given the set of glasses and left to do their food shopping.  After they had finished we would play back sections of their shop, showing their eye tracking, enabling them to recall their behaviour and feelings.

Traditionally we have focused on using screen based eye tracking technology, but now, with these new glasses, we are rolling out new services to take our proven methodology into live retail environments. We can now tell you how long customers spend looking at a specific aisle, picture, fixtures etc. as well as where their focus is.

We now have the ability to show you how customers react across any situation and give a real insight into both conscious and subconscious behaviour during everyday life.

Contact Guy or Rozanne at SimpleUsability for further information.