The Market for Uncertainties

May 19, 2010 1:21 pm

The Market for Uncertainties

Taking the element of luck from the research procedure.

The Truth, when a marketer tells you that’s what they’ve found you’d better run. Marketing is looking for “Target Audiences” unfortunately marketers have forgotten that these “Target Audiences” are actually people. The problem they have, is they find it hard to connect with real people, because they don’t ever see any, all they see is “Target Audiences”.

When they set out to run focus groups, build personas, embark on any testing, they’ve already accepted the futility of it all, they know that the truth is hidden to them, so they’re just going through the motions. They know that the majority of decision-making is from the subconscious and they have no way of getting to it.

With eye tracking technology you can find out not what people say they saw, but reveal what they really did see. We do this not by analysing “heat maps” but driving out insights through retrospective recall sessions with users. The evidence is compelling; it allows users to express the familiar, describe the journey, and reveal the subconscious decision-making taking place whilst exploring your offerings.