Asos – Our Eye Tracking Review

January 6, 2010 9:38 am

Asos – Our Eye Tracking Review

Our team  conducted an eye tracking review of the new Asos website for the December edition of Internet Retailing Magazine. The article can be read here: Asos Eye Tracking Article

Participants looking at the ASOS website for an outfit immediately accessed the mega drop down menus from the top primary navigation titles. They generally accessed either the ‘Women’ or ‘Men’ sections. From the eye tracking data, we observed users accessing a drop down menu and their eyes continuing straight down. This meant that they would see the ‘Shop by products’ sub-categories very quickly but often miss the other options available to them such as ‘Shops’, ‘Inspire me’ and ‘What’s on trend’.

Users liked the filters available on the left hand side of the page when accessing a sub category section. The price slider was particularly popular because users could set a minimum price as well as a maximum price. Some users became confused when they could not reset filters by clicking on greyed out titles instead of clicking on the ‘clear’ link beside each filter title. After selecting a filter, the central page faded to grey and a timer appeared to let the user know that something was happening. We saw that the users noticed that this was happening and waited for the filters to finish loading. When filters do not acknowledge that the user has told the website to do something in an obvious way within the user’s field of view, then users try and click again and this leads to confusion. After this process happens, other filter titles become grey and are unavailable for the user to click on. Within a filter section such as ‘Brand’ users often missed that they could scroll past greyed out options to access more brand names that were available.

Users perceived the photographic product detail information to be of high quality. Although many users missed the option, users accessing the catwalk option found it extremely helpful.

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