Making a Difference

February 12, 2007 3:16 pm

Making a Difference

The West Yorkshire organic baby boutique Makes a Change Ltd has seen a significant increase in visitors to their website after implementing the changes suggested by as part of our free website mentoring service for small eco-friendly businesses. Makes A Change Ltd was first launched in spring 2006 selling a range of fair trade organic children’s clothing and nappies. With around 95% of their orders coming from people searching on Google, a boost in the rankings has had a considerable impact on sales since then.

Makes a Change director, Emma Ginger, comments:

“Suddenly we’re back up there on the search engines and people are finding us via Google listings! That is making a really big difference, thanks to you guys.”

The latest company to join the website mentoring programme is the London based fair-trade woman’s clothing company, Tam & Rob. The company launched in July 2006, designing and selling a range of trendy woman’s wear produced by IFAT (International Fair-trade association) registered manufacturers in India and Nepal. Initially selling through third party websites, they are now eager to get their own website developed and begin trading as soon as possible. will work with Tam & Rob to help determine the structure, content and design style most suited to their customers and commercial aspirations.