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Visiting the vets can often be an inconvenient, stressful and expensive experience.

The Vet-AI team could see clear flaws in the current veterinary care system and an opportunity within the digital space and specifically with the use of artificial intelligence to simplify this.

They created Joii, a mobile app which combines the expertise of qualified vets and ground-breaking new technologies to deliver on-demand veterinary care, direct to pet parents.

The app solves all non-emergency veterinary needs, allowing pet parents to seek advice, buy products and even have a consultation with a vet from the comfort of their own home.

We delivered

SimpleUsability were commissioned to take Vet-AI through a full user centred design process to create their app. This took place in three key stages:

• Discovery and concept validation
• Brand validation
• App iteration

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Throughout these stages, we conducted 3 rounds of lab research where we uncovered user needs and were able to discuss how the app would best suit pet owners. As the app was being developed we also ran iterative research rounds to ensure the brand, design and functionality of the app were working together to create an optimal user experience.

After each round of research, we delivered outputs according to the team’s requirements. This varied from a face-to-face debrief to talk through the key findings and create an actionable list of amends, to a more detailed report providing insight into their potential users and their expectations.

During the process we also acted as Vet-AI’s UX partner, providing evidence based recommendations and general advice to help them make key business decisions. This way we could ensure users were at the centre of the design process from start to finish.

qualitative research

3 rounds of qualitative research

UX Partner

38 users

UX Partner

UX partner


Our research helped Vet-AI shape the scope of their service.

Speaking to pet owners allowed us to understand what users would be prepared to consult an app for, and situations where they would take their pet to the vet instead. We also identified key issues related to visiting the vets that users expected the app to address:

• Cost
• Convenience
• Stress

By testing the brand we were able to validate the brand proposition whilst also suggesting the best ways to communicate the company and what they do.

Later iterative rounds of prototype testing have shaped the flow, functionality and capabilities of the app pre-release.

The successful launch of Joii was critical in Vet-AI receiving significant VC investment and a brand partnership with Animal Friends insurance, giving all policyholders instant access to the app. 130,000 pets were registered using the app in the first 18 months and it remains the leading video-consult vet service, with over 2,000 5* reviews on the App Store.

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