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Case study

ASDA voice – Grocery shopping with smart speakers


ASDA invited SimpleUsability to conduct usability testing on grocery shopping using a voice assistant. They wanted insight into how their customers were currently using voice assistants and how they would expect to be able to use voice assistants for grocery shopping online. Usability test sessions were conducted at the SimpleUsability offices to explore opportunities for further development.

The Plan

To explore the use of a voice-controlled device as part of the grocery shopping experience, observing how users use the current features and functionality and to explore how these could be developed.

What Happened

Usability test sessions were conducted at the SimpleUsability offices in Leeds. Users were recruited to take part in moderated sessions that included several tasks that tested the system to see how it worked and how this matched up to users’ expectations.

We delivered

We delivered an evidence-based insight report that highlighted and tackled several user issues and gave guidance to the realistic picture of how ASDA customers wanted voice to assistants to help them complete their grocery shopping journey.


Our research uncovered areas of improvement throughout the user journey using a smart speaker. Our recommendations were focused on understanding the right place for voice technology when doing grocery shopping.

Following this round of research, we were able to provide ASDA with clear guidelines on what were the important functions to have available for customers on the first release of the skill.

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