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Case study

Arrow Global


Optimising the end to end experience to encourage Capquest customers to manage their accounts online.

Arrow Global Group (owner of Capquest) is a leading European credit management services provider, focusing on loan purchases and specialist asset management, debt purchasing and management.

“Our key aim is to help you to manage and repay the debt that you have. We seek to ensure that you receive the service and respect that you deserve at all times.”

In line with their aim of helping customers, they commissioned SimpleUsability to conduct research across their existing communication platforms to enhance their digital proposition, making it easier for customers to manage their debt easier online.

We delivered

We delivered an evidence-based insight programme that highlighted and tackled several user issues.

  • Individually tailored research test plans.
  • Reports highlighting user issues.
  • Recommendations, with visual examples for improvements on desktop and mobile.
  • Fully automated IVR and Text prototype.
  • Insight into employee knowledge of digital channels available for customers

qualitative research

7 rounds of research across multiple platforms

UX Partner

We conducted in-depth interviews with 76 people



Our research uncovered areas of improvement throughout the user journeys across multiple channels. Our recommendations were focused on optimising the ease of getting customers to sign up and interact with the online portal.

Following the seven rounds of research, various changes were implemented in order to improve the core journeys for customers.

  • Changed letter design and information architecture – this has already been rolled out to a large percentage of customers.
  • Changed the journey of getting to the portal online.
  • Changed the portal itself, including the entire income and expenditure form filling process.
  • Optimised the IVR system.
  • Gained insight from Capquest employees.
  • Competitor benchmarking – how did the overall Capquest experience and specific functionality compare with their competitors..

Recommendations informed by the research programme were built into the 2019 development roadmap.