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Here at SimpleUsability we have a passion for understanding people through observing their behaviour with your products. From discovery to delivery, our research will help optimise your design solutions so that you provide your users with the best possible experience, whilst meeting your business objectives.

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You’re launching a new feature or proposition and want to put users at the heart of it

Whether your new feature is still an idea, a working prototype, or already gone live, we will aid you with initial discovery research and targeted usability testing. We help inform design choices across a wide range of products, from digital interfaces to IVR systems, solving key usability issues to meet your users’ needs.

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You want to optimise your customer experience across all touch points

We will work with you to build a bespoke programme of research covering all aspects of the user experience. This could include paper communications, call centre interactions, competitor analysis, persona development and diary studies. Uncovering evidence across the end-to-end journey ensures you have a holistic view of how to optimise the customer experience.

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You’re a start up and want to validate your concept from ideation to delivery

We will help you understand your target audience and ensure you build the right product. Minimise risk at the beginning of your project by testing anything from initial concepts to working prototypes. We can work to your budget and time frame to plan and conduct rapid research that fits your design cycle.

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I don’t think there’s anyone that do quite what SimpleUsability do. There’s an underpinning of quality in all of the processes that really impresses me.

Alison MacLeod, UX Research and Accessibility Manager, EE

Research Helper

If you need high quality recruitment or viewing facilities for your own research, Research Helper is a SimpleUsability brand, providing bespoke recruitment and facilities, across the UK.

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