Mobile Phone, iPad & Tablet Usability Testing

December 29, 2010 6:36 pm

Mobile Phone, iPad & Tablet Usability Testing

Observing natural behaviour when testing mobile applications

We’re passionate (and a little bit obsessive) about creating a realistic methodology for testing, and this is no different for mobile applications. Our way of testing means that users aren’t restricted and can freely move their phone while we’re able to accurately track what they are looking at on the screen.

This is even more important with the use of technology in smart phones. Inclusion of gyroscopes allow the device to see the orientation of where it is along three axis, and an accelerometer can sense what speed it is moving at and can tell whether the phone is going forward, back and side to side. It’s important to allow users to use their own phone and be able to hold it the way that they want to. Users can hold their device with one or two hands and in any orientation, and our methodology enables us to test on any handset or device.

Here’ are a few samples of how we’re eye tracking mobile devices.

Usability Testing iPhone Angry Birds Game with Eye Tracking


Usability Testing Multi Channel Retail with Eye Tracking


Usability Testing Menus on a Standard Phone with Eye Tracking


Eye Tracking The H&M iPad Shopping Application


Eye Tracking The Grand Theft Auto Game on The iPad